Original Paintings for sale by Artist.

Original Paintings for sale by Artist.

Original Paintings for sale by Artist.Original Paintings for sale by Artist.Original Paintings for sale by Artist.



"No Boundaries." Abstract mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas. 24 x 36. $ 895.


Sweet As Pie.  24 x 36 abstract mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas. $ 995.


"Soul Sister." Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas. 30 x 30.  $ 800.


"Let It Go."  Oil paint and mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas. 36 x 36. $ 1200.


"Don't You Know You're Beautiful?"  18 x 24 acrylic on paper. $ 300.


" 300 Violins." Abstract mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas, 36 x 36. $ 1200



" Nesting" . Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas. 36 x 36. $ 1200.


" Aurora's Magic."  24 x 36 . acrylic abstract on gallery wrapped canvas. $ 995.


"Brownies For Dinner." Mixed media on primed canvas. 52 x 52. $ 2000.

2 10 x 10 '" Shadow Box frames Mixed media works of art. Titled "Power Couple." $265.

  • "Power Couple." Pair of 2 10 x 10 mixed media framed in white shadow box frames.

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It's Ancient History to Me."  




"wildflowers in a Jar."  24 x 18 $ 500.


About Me



I paint in both Oils and Acrylics


Always Experimenting

I love to experiment by the addition of interesting materials to my work


I paint in layers, and as I 'see' things in each piece, I 'go for it' until I feel it is DONE!

Each painting is Original, Expressive, and painted Intuitively

Artist Info


Artist Statement

  When I saw my MRI and the “big black hole” where part of my brain used to be, I thought, “Perhaps painting could help stimulate the areas of my brain that had become damaged in my hemorrhagic occipital stroke?” Therefore while in recovery I began painting as a sort of “self imposed therapy”. My previous employment as a Physical Therapy Assistant had sparked this very useful idea.   As a young teen I found solace in art. I was good at it. I enjoyed the colors and textures. In college I studied art education but life happens. Life was full before my stroke working with my husband and raising my three girls. Even though I wasn’t creating art at the time I always appreciated the intrinsic beauty in the every day. I was one of those people who would get struck with creative vision and would look to repurpose items into something new. You could find me at salvage yards, in thrift stores and even at the occasional dumpster.    When starting over as a visual artist with a disability I began with what I knew. My first few original paintings were painted in acrylic and were copies of interesting images that I had found. Even though I had a new creative outlet I was ultimately dissatisfied with the outcome. I had desired to produce a realistic copy of what I had seen and was failing. I realized however the kind of brain damage that I have was hindering this process. All of the emotions that were built up in me, from my stroke and my inability to connect with my art, were clamoring to escape. So I put away the books and magazines with dazzling images and turned on some lively music and just began to paint. The disappointment I was feeling just melted away. Painting has caused me to learn a few things about myself; that I am an emotional person and producing art helps me to connect with my emotions.    Artists are always trying new things. Sometimes this is out of frustration and other times out of curiosity. I switched to using oil paint rather than acrylic. I find oil to be more fluid and versatile. I stretched yet again to adding roofing tar as a new medium to my oil paintings. I have experimented with using it as a primer for the canvas and painting on top of the tar, as well as mixing it in with the oil paint. The tar is dark yet I find it adds dimension to my work. Lately I have been experimenting with adding dyes to my canvases, in addition to resists. This is a multi step process that I have developed, but the end result is a loose and intuitively painted work, which is ‘created’ during the process. Most of my original paintings are for sale. If there is something that interests you, please feel free to contact me.  

My Bio

                      Always  a keen observer of her surroundings and the world around her, Jen has been   recording these images in her mind and on paper since childhood. She   received a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from St. Thomas Aquinas     College - Sparkhill, New York. Throughout adulthood,   Jen often worked in various mediums, including photography and ceramics, as   well as painting. At this time, her art remained a hobby, as she was busy   raising three daughters.   Following a traumatic  closed head injury, Jen began to paint as a therapeutic means to stimulate  brain activity. She loved the feel of the paints and canvas beneath her   fingers as she “connected” with her work in a very real sense. Many of her   works were created using her fingers and hands rather than brushes. She   prefers this method when the subject matter and medium allows. It is very   instinctual and “free”. Her     paintings contain brilliant vivid color, and expressive form and movement.   “I have learned from   painting, that painting expresses feeling, and I want my viewers to be able   to ‘react’, to feel something, when viewing my work. Not to just view a   pretty picture. Unless that pretty picture makes them happy whenever they   look at it; that’s a reaction!”  Recently her work has     exploded, reaching new levels. By working with tar and/or mixed media, she   creates a dramatic surface with the subject matter becoming more abstract/contemporary.   Jen now paints full time from   her studio in her home near  Philadelphia. Her work has been chosen for   many juried art shows throughout South Florida & the Northeast, and she is privately collected and corporatelt collected. Before recently moving to PA, she was a  member of The Barn Artists’ Group and The Seabranch Art League, both of     Hobe Sound, Florida.                   

Big News in The Works at The Studio

Well... I've been here for quite a few months now and all unpacked and ORGANIZED!  My life has been super busy but I am definitely making time to create some fun pieces. I don't always have the time to post them on social media, but I have decided to post my very best work here on  my website. To make a purchase of my art please feel free to contact me through this site or email me at dacota827@gmail.com. The balance of my artwork will be featured on Pinterest.  I couldn't be happier here up North with family, and the 4 seasons, and this beautiful studio. 

New Website

What you've been viewing is my new website! Something I have been dreaming about for a long time. And like my painting... it will always be a work in progress. Don't be surprised to see changes, because... well... that's me!


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Jen Dacota

307 Barren Hill Rd, Conshohocken, PA, USA

(610) 703*0381



09:00 am – 05:00 pm


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Contact Me

Jen Dacota

307 Barren Hill Rd, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428, United States


Call For Appointment

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Jen Dacota


Intuitive Painter

My paintings are an experience! I immerse myself in my work, experimenting with various interesting mediums, and paint from my soul.


I'm In LOVE With Color

When I play around with my paints, I am fascinated at how the positioning of various colors makes all the difference in a work of art.


Love What You Do...

and you'll never work another day in your life. I truly believe in this quote by Confucius. For I have found my true passion. And it is creating.